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Welcome to Esper Developments

We are ethical property developers who are located in the North West of England. As a company, we take pride in building high-quality homes at a fair market price.

Property developers who care

We work with local authorities and investors to help deliver affordable homes that are built to last. Our corporate ethos is to work in partnership to deliver a better future for everyone involved.

Technology driven company

Esper Developments are a modern innovative company that uses the latest blockchain technology to achieve excellent investment returns.

Blockchain enthusiasts

The World Economic Forum predicts that within the next 10 years over 10% of the world’s GDP will be stored on the blockchain in a process called tokenization. With Esper Developments you are ahead of the curve.

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    About us

    Join the revolution

    We are the first UK developer that is funded exclusively through tokens and blockchain technology. Our business model and disruptive technology are unique and it represents the future of real estate investing. 

    Most property investors are aware that property development offers investors far better investment returns than traditional property investing through buy-to-lets. Yet most investors don’t participate. This is due to either a lack of funds or expertise. Our token model is set to help investors participate in property development and reap the rewards of this highly lucrative market.

    Introducing the future of real estate

    Tokens offer complete security, transparency and trust. Token investing improves liquidity and results in cheaper and faster transactions.

    Our Team

    Where Property Development meets Finance and Blockchain Technology

    Our experienced team are blockchain enthusiasts that have extensive knowledge in property development and investment finance. These are the three key ingredients in bridging the knowledge gap for private investors who wish to participate in property development but don’t possess the knowledge or funds.

    Blockchain technology will transform the way we buy real estate.

    Robert Herring Managing Director

    The financial model outlined in the Whitepaper is exceptional. Many developers may follow suit.

    Scott Cattell Investment Manager

    Our fintech solution combined with sound tokenomics offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts a unique opportunity for a great ROI.

    Jhon Star Chairman

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      How it works?

      Many property investors have made good money through investing in buy-to-let property. They have achieved this by the use of leverage that bank finance provides. A tenant covers their mortgage costs and generates a surplus income whilst a mortgage allows increased ownership of property so as the market appreciates their returns are multiplied.

      However, there are far better ways to generate increased returns. For property investment, developers often do far better. This is because they can achieve far higher margins in their business model by selling the end product in units that are at a substantial premium to their build costs. Like buy-to-let investors, they also use finance to magnify their gains. 

      So if the returns are far better why isn’t everyone doing this? The simple answer lies in two parts. Firstly, they lack the knowledge of doing so. And secondly, they don’t have the necessary funds to start. 

      Our tokenised model, allows investors to participate in property development and enjoy potentially far higher returns than is possible through traditional buy-to-let investment.

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      Bridging the knowledge gap

      When defining property development we are looking at projects where you are building from the ground up. With this, you have to acquire land in the right area with the necessary permissions. Then you need an experienced team to design and construct the project. 

      Development finance funds the majority of the development. Funding comes in stage payments where surveyors ensure that the development is progressing according to plan, making sure the development is following all the new build rules and regulations. 

      Typically, with property development, returns are higher with a larger project and this puts it out of reach for most people. By collectively investing with other investors you can participate in development projects with a great return on investment.

      Tokenisation offers investors security and transparency through blockchain technology. Tokenisation offers complete liquidity to sell their holdings at profit at a future date.

      Corporate responsibility

      Esper Developments aspires to build a better future. Part of this plan is to help members of our communities who are less fortunate. This is why we donate a percentage of funds raised from property development to charitable causes. 

      As a developer, this responsibility starts at home. Currently, the UK has a cost of living crisis and as a result, there are many individuals who are not fortunate enough to have a home. This needs to change. This is why most of our charitable donations are given to charities that are focused on tackling this problem. 

      Our corporate responsibility doesn’t end there. As a development company, we are looking at building green sustainable homes that leave a lasting positive impact on the environment.

      Useful Information

      Esper Developments has a corporate partnership with Esper Wealth though they work as two separate legal entities. The company has been structured this way to allow token holders to own the development company as a fully separate legal entity.

      Below you will find links to several relevant articles that explain tokens, blockchain technology, finance and real estate development. We hope that this gives you a better understanding of how these can be combined to create an outstanding investment opportunity for suitibly qualified investors.


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